Laurion Group | Legal Warning
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Legal Warning

Laurion Group Websites and Apps 


September 2023 


This Legal Warning applies to the following websites and Apps: 


which is the ultimate property of: 


Laurion Financial Enterprises, SARL 

63-65 Rue de Merl, L-2146 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) 



Please note that you (the “User”), by accessing and browsing through any of the websites or apps mentioned  herein (“Website” or “App”), unconditionally accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy applicable in  each website and app. For the avoidance of doubt, all websites and apps mentioned herein are under the  same Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, unless otherwise clearly stated. Some websites and apps may,  additionally, have Disclaimers, Warnings or Restricted Areas (Client Areas) only accessible to certain Users.  Be accessing such websites and apps the User unconditionally accepts any additional Terms of Use, Privacy  Policy as well as the contents of each Disclaimer, when clearly identified. 


For your information and comfort, please note Laurion Financial Enterprises, SARL (henceforth “Laurion  Group”), takes all reasonable efforts to protect, update and secure the information on the Websites and  Apps, as well as the information that each User may provide, when applicable. Laurion Group uses  mechanisms in line with market practice to avoid any misuse of its data, as well as data relayed by its clients.  We ensure that only authorized personnel may have access to the information the User provides us. For  more information on how we process your data, please consult our Privacy Policy. 


Please note that in the course of browsing, the User may be sent, through a hyperlink, to other websites or  apps that don’t comply with the same Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, and may, eventually, offer a lesser  degree of protection. Although Laurion Group takes all reasonable steps to prevent such events, we may  not be held responsible should the User consults a website or app not under the explicit Terms of Use of  Laurion Group. 


Each Website or App may offer certain information regarding specific items, as way of explanation only.  Please note no warranty can be given of the completeness or adequacy of such information for your personal  situation, and you are expressly adverted not to take any personal or business decision based on this  information. The information is not to be construed as an invitation, business proposal or instruction to act  in a certain way, and prior to take any decisions Laurion Group strongly suggests its Users to seek  professional advice.