Cookies Policy
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Cookies Policy

September 2023 


As prescribed by applicable regulations, we inform you, the “User” that in the websites and Apps: 


(the “Websites” and “Apps”) cookies are used to facilitate the interactions of Users with the available content  and to allow the statistical study of the daily visits. These cookies may be internal or may belong to third  parties, always aiming to improve the quality of the services rendered by each website and app. 

Most web, app and internet browsers accept cookies by default, as well as have the ability to allow or block  via their respective security settings any stored or temporary cookies. Unless the User provides an express  consent (namely through the activation of cookies in the used browser), Laurion Group shall not allow any  stored cookies to capture personal data relayed in the course of the User’s interaction with the Websites and Apps. 


  1. What are cookies? 

Cookies are archives that are recorded in the browser each User utilizes on its interactions with the Websites and Apps so the server can remember the that User’s visit for future use, when using the Website’s and  App’s content. Cookies allow each Website and App to store and retrieve information regarding browsing  habits and history of each User so to allow a better browsing experience for each user. Such archives do  not store any personal data, nor access private files in each User’s computer nor access any data that may  identify the user; however, it does allow to identify browsing patterns and experience to give better  experience to the User. 


  1. Who manages cookies and what type of cookies are used in the Websites and Apps?

Cookies are managed by the website or app owner (own cookies). The following types are used: 

  • Technical Cookies: those cookies that allow a user to navigate through the webpage, platform, app or interface and allow the use of different options or services therein to, for example, control the  traffic and data communication, identifying and logging in to the session, access restricted sections,  store integrant parts of a request, shop, apply or register for an event, using security elements  during browsing store content for the broadcast of videos or sound, or even share content via social  media. 
  • Customization Cookies: those cookies that allow users to access a serviced in a generic  customized way, established by the user in its terminal, as for instance language, type of browser,  regional settings, etc. 
  • Analytical Cookies: cookies that are processed either internally or externally and allow to quantify  the number of users and the correspondent interactions with a given website or app. Thus, they  are used to improve the website or app experience and the overall interaction experience from a  user point of view. 


  1. Third Party Cookies 

The Websites and Apps herein may use third party cookies that, on behalf and under direction of Laurion  Group, compute information for statistical purposes, web or app usage as well as other service provision  that may be of interest and is connected to the web and app services rendered in each page. 


  1. Third Party Cookies (scope) 

Laurion Group’s Websites and Apps use analytical third-party cookies. There are used under the mandate  and direction of Laurion Group using a contractor to manage and administrate the Websites and Apps.

Amongst others, the Websites and Apps use Google Analytics, an analytical service cookie rendered by  Google, Inc. with registered address in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View California 94043 (USA).  To render its services, these cookies compute information such as, but not limited to, IP address, which will  be processed, transmitted and stored by Google under its terms and conditions. Please note such terms  and conditions may include disclosure of said information to third parties, either by legal reasons or by means  of subcontracting a company that renders said services. Each User has the ability to get a notification,  modify, limit or eliminate cookies using the settings options in the respective browser. In regard to third party  cookies, the ones not included in our Websites and Apps, Laurion Group declines any responsibility for its  content, its Privacy Policies, the way they process data. 


  1. Allow, Block or Eliminate cookies 

The User can allow, block or eliminate all cookies installed in its machine through the correct settings options  contained in each browser. 

Please note that the User accepts unconditionally, by navigating the Websites and Apps herein, the  processing of the information that is collected for the purposes clearly mentioned herein. As such, the User  warrants to understand the ability to no accept cookies and data processing by adjusting the settings on its  browser – even if such modification implies the loss or partial loss of access to one or more functionalities  of the website and app. 

For more information, please note Users are urged to consult their browsers, seeking guidance if necessary,  to adjust cookies settings to their needs. 


As a way of example, please find below instructions for some common browsers: